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Since our founding in 1982 we have been baking top quality bread featuring whole grains and other organically grown ingredients. Using our own recipes, we mix our bread dough fresh each day from scratch using flours, seeds, nuts, local honey, and other fine ingredients.

Below are brief descriptions of some of our most popular breads, which we make regularly. We also make some other varieties from time to time. In addition we produce a variety of muffins, granola bars, brownies, and cookies, also featuring whole grains, local wildflower honey, and organic ingredients.



Our "everyday" bread made with organically grown whole wheat flour, rolled oats, and local raw honey. We make this in loaves (unsliced by pre-order), po-boys, gems, hamburger buns, and pita. This is the bread we use for sandwiches, burgers, and po-boys in our café.


Salt-Free Mainstay

This is the same as our regular Mainstay, but with no added salt.


14 Grain

This bread delivers great whole grain nutrition and variety from many whole grains including whole wheat, whole rye, rolled oats, whole millet, whole buckwheat, brown rice, and others. Some crunch and added nutrition and flavor are provided by cracked sunflower seeds and whole millet kernels.


Carrot Bread

We add freshly grated organically grown carrots to whole wheat for some extra flavor and nutrition which produces a bread with a light texture and interesting color and flavor that is still subtle enough to be used on many types of sandwiches, or as a delicious toasted bread.

Farmhouse Bread

Soaked whole wheat berries and rye berries along with whole wheat flour, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds produce a hearty, nutritious and flavorful bread that is exceptionally good when toasted to bring out the sesame flavor and make the whole grain berries a bit crunchy. 

Italian Veggie Herb

One of our most popular breads; we grate fresh organic carrots, squash, bell peppers, onions, and garlic along with tomatoes in a whole wheat and oat bread and season it with basil, oregano, parsley, and thyme.  It is delicious all by itself, on a sandwich, or as an accompaniment to cheese, salads, or a meal.  Put a little cheese and a fresh slice of tomato on top and warm it in the oven for a quick and tasty pizza like snack. Top it with cream cheese and herbs or olive slices or smoked salmon for a delicious and easy appetizer.  We also make this bread in gems and foccacia.

Cinnamon Raisin

Our version of a classic bread features whole wheat flour and is made with local raw wildflower honey, large raisins, and two varieties of cinnamon for just the right flavor.  It is great toasted with breakfast or as a snack any time of day topped with butter. 

Whole Wheat Applesauce

Most of our breads are made with local raw wildflower honey and oil.  To make this bread we leave out the honey and oil and use unsweetened applesauce instead.  The only flour is whole wheat.  The result is a whole wheat bread with no added sugar and very low fat that can be used in place of other whole wheat breads on sandwiches because it doesn't taste sweet or have an apple flavor.  

While anyone may enjoy this bread it is especially useful for those wanting to eliminate added sugars and use only whole grain.

Oat Bran

Not a tasteless high fiber concoction, this bread is similar to our Mainstay, but instead of rolled oats, we use oat bran.  This gives it a little more fiber per slice while producing a bread that is every bit as versatile and delicious.  Some find it to be even more flavorful with the oat bran.

3 Seed Barley

Flax seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, rolled barley flakes, and whole wheat flour combine to produce a hearty, crunchy, and delicious bread with some crunch and extra fiber and added nutrition. It can be used on sandwiches, and a light toasting really brings out the crunchy nutty flavor of the seeds.


Spelt is an ancient grain which offers superior nutrition in some ways compared to more modern hybrids of wheat. Some sources consider spelt to be a subspecies of wheat while others class it as a separate species. In either case, bread made from spelt is not suitable for anyone with a severe wheat allergy or gluten intolerance. However, many people find spelt more flavorful as well as easier to digest than common wheat and it has long been recommended as an alternative. Our spelt bread is made mainly from organically grown whoe spelt flour with just enough organically grown white spelt flour to make a bread anyone can enjoy in place of ordinary whole wheat bread for nutritional purposes or for variety.

Honey Nut Raisin

Walnuts, raisins, honey, and just a touch of real vanilla extract combine to make a slightly sweet alternative to the old favorite, cinnamon raisin bread. It is delicious right from the package, or toasted with some butter, cream cheese, or jam, while it is not too sweet to be used on some types of sandwiches.





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